TBL930 Black Nickel Treble Hooks


Hayabusa Fishing’s TBL 930 Black Nickel Treble Hooks serve as upgraded treble hook material in comparison to the original TBL 930 Nickel Treble Hooks.  Hayabusa Fishing utilizes Japanese quality Carbon Steel to improve treble hook strength, durability, and sharpness.  Additionally, TBL 930 Black Nickel Treble Hooks feature a black nickel hook finish, which ensures each treble hook remains rust-free and each hook point/round bend design maintains its original strength despite repeatedly catching largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass.

TBL 930 Black Nickel Treble Hook Sizes

#8 (6 per package), #6 (6 per package), #5 (6 per package), #4 (6 per package), and #2 (6 per package)

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