Paddle Tail Worm


Rein’s Paddle Tail: 6″ (6 per pack)

Reins has advanced the lowly worm to the highest level by taking many of the techniques that other worms do and making one worm that does it all and does it better. Although the Reins Paddle Tail Worm is new, the many applications for it are mainstream. It is designed to be one go-to worm you can modify to perform many different, basic worm duties in ways that will increase your catch ratio.

Reins believes that if you can rig up one worm that does multiple things at different depths in the water column from buzzing the surface to bouncing the bottom, you are always going to be better off, you are always going to be more efficient – and catch more fish on every trip, adding up to dozens or even hundreds more fish each season. That’s what the new Reins Paddle Tail Worm can do for you and that’s why Reins designed it for you.

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