New Reins Paddle Tail Worm

Reins has advanced the lowly worm to the highest level by taking many of the techniques that other worms do and making one worm that does it all and does it better.

Although the Reins Paddle Tail Worm is new, the many applications for it are mainstream. It is designed to be one go-to worm you can modify to perform many different, basic worm duties in ways that will increase your catch ratio.

Fishermen are tinkerers and perfectionists. We are always trying to tweak an extra bite or two out of our baits – and the Reins Paddle Tail is designed for you to do that. It is modifiable to be the best of many different worm styles in terms of fishability with multiple presentations and techniques.

Reins believes that if you can rig up one worm that does multiple things at different depths in the water column from buzzing the surface to bouncing the bottom, you are always going to be better off, you are always going to be more efficient – and catch more fish on every trip, adding up to dozens or even hundreds more fish each season. That’s what the new Reins Paddle Tail Worm can do for you and that’s why Reins designed it for you.

Straight out of the bag you get:

  1. A 6.3″ worm with a large 1.7″ x .7″w spinnerbait blade type tail that emits much vibration, flickering action and thump
  2. A buzz worm that may be buzzed across the surface when weightless or lightly weighted
  3. A vibrating, flapping paddle tail swim worm for when bass want to chase down a moving bait
  4. A flipping, pitching and punching worm with flaptail action when hopped and popped inthick cover.

By easily modifying the tail blade in different ways, you can make:

  1. A forked, split V-tail jerkbait style worm like the Optimum Victory Tail minnow
  2. A notched tail or J-tail worm to produce vibration even on slow-moving presentations
  3. A (diagonally) cut tail worm for Shakey head, Neko rig, and Texas rig presentations
  4. A thin tapering cut tail jerk worm or soft jerkbait style stick worm

With the tail removed completely, it becomes:

  1. A 4.7″ classic straight tail worm for slow-moving, deadsticking and do-nothing presentations
  2. A slow sinking stickbait style worm with a shimmying, level horizontal fall
  3. A wriggling wacky worm
  4. A responsive finesse worm or light tackle trick worm
  5. A dropshot worm

Cut down at the head end, it excels as:

  1. An active, lively swim jig or bladed jig trailer
  2. A tail-flapping spinnerbait or buzzbait trailer
  3. A paddle tail grub for use on a ball head or bullet nose jig
  4. A short, straight tail jig worm for use on a mushroom style jig head.

The durability, elasticity and texture of the soft plastic material is specially formulated to be able to modify and cut the tail in different shapes with great success and resiliency in fishing it with different modifications.

The Reins Paddle Tail Worm performs well with the full range of bass fishing tackle from light 6 lb test spinning gear to heavy 60 lb braid on baitcasting gear depending on what situation and what technique you are fishing it.

The Reins Paddle Tail Worm comes in all your trusted, proven Reins colors to cover all your worm bases.

The proprietary Reins lure scent and fish attractant is infused in the plastic formulation. The Reins scent does catch more fish; it is a scientific lab proven fact that feeding fish respond to the Reins scent better than alternative scents or attractants.

The Reins Paddle Tail will make you a better multi-dimensional angler. Most other worms and lures are inherently one-dimensional which limits you as an angler to being one-dimensional. No longer. Thanks to Reins, you now have one worm you may modify into many other worm styles to help you do your best and maximize your results with multiple worm fishing presentations and techniques as you fish around and face different, difficult challenges from one spot to the next.

Reins has made a better worm for a better you. Please enjoy.

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