Spin Muscle


Hayabusa Fishing embarked on a creative, yet intuitive journey when the company engineered the Spin Muscle fishing hook.  Unlike traditional wacky worm fishing hooks or other drop shot fishing hooks, the Spin Muscle incorporates angled bends for a quick penetrative hookset and deeper penetrative hook-ups for when smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and spotted bass attempt to throw and/or spit hooks.  Traditional wacky worm and drop shot fishing hooks, though they work well, do not offer bass fishermen such precise deep penetrative hooking power.  The unique V-Bend angles on the fishing hook make all of this possible, in combination with the sharp, durable Hayabusa Original Point (pressed formed hook point) and semi-twisted hook point ensuring fish don’t get off the hook.  The two primary hook bends are the critical physical features that differentiate this drop shot and wacky worm fishing hook from other standard hook styles.

Spin Muscle Fishing Hook Sizes

#4 (10 per package), #3 (9 per package), #2 (8 per package), #1 (7 per package), and 1/0 (6 per package)

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