FPP Straight Hook – Original


Hayabusa Fishing engineered the FPP Straight Hook to flip, pitch, and punch for big bass in light to medium cover. The 4/0 and 5/0 can be used with braided lines in thick cover applications. Whether you need to dissect shallow weed beds, deep grass beds, or methodically explore laydowns and/or pile ups, the FPP Straight Hook excels. Three important features are evident in this straight shank bass fishing hook: a remarkable balance in gap width and the shank’s length, an incredible durable medium to heavy wire, and an extra strong and sharp hook point.

After designing the three previously mentioned backbone hook components, Hayabusa Fishing added two more essential hook features: the Loop Stopper that keeps your soft plastic bass baits from sliding down the hook while also protecting the baits from constant ripping and the Perfect Closure Ring that protects fishing line from breaking and keeps the knot in perfect position in the hook eye. Flipping and pitching for bass are both necessary fishing techniques (with punching also important in major regions within the bass fishing industry), and the FPP Straight Hook helps bass anglers convert big bites into a livewell of big bass!

FPP Straight Fishing Hook Sizes

1/0 (4 per package), 2/0 (4 per package), 3/0 (4 per package), 4/0 (3 per package), and 5/0 (3 per package)

Recommended Fishing Line Sizes – Monofilament and Fluorocarbon Recommended

1/0 up to 12lb, 2/0 up to 14lb, 3/0 up to 15lb, 4/0 up to 20lb, and 5/0 up to 25lb

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