Finesse Guard


Hayabusa Fishing readily identifies the many fishing situations that could occur during a 24-hour period of time, much less during a 2-3 day major bass fishing tournament.  As such, each bass fishing hook design is a response to those many patterns – to help bass anglers maximize their opportunities to be successful.  The black matte Finesse Guard fishing hook assists with cover-related fishing patterns when finesse fishing and finesse soft plastics are productive.

It’s the ideal light rig design that features a double weed guard for use around reeds, buck brush, less dense grass beds, and weeds (all locations where bass feed and/or hide).  The Finesse Guard injects life into your wacky worm fishing technique and/or any wacky worm finesse fishing variations, including wacky worm on a drop shot.  A high quality hook point, made of forged black matte finish, and a ringed eye – this finesse bass fishing hook is a helpful addition to your terminal tackle when fishing conditions are tougher than normal.

Finesse Guard Fishing Hook Sizes

#4 (5 per package), #3 (5 per package), and #2 (5 per package)

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