WRM951 Wide Gap Offset Hook


Hayabusa Fishing created the WRM951 Wide Gap Offset Hook over twenty years ago.  At that time, Hayabusa Fishing was a leading innovator in the wide gap offset fishing hook design, as very few hook manufacturers offered this fishing hook design and style.  Today, however, the WRM951 Wide Gap Offset is still relevant and is used primarily for two specific bass fishing techniques – the Carolina Rig and Drop Shot.  Though some anglers may choose to use this black matte fishing hook for Texas Rig, the WRM951 Wide Gap Offset Hook truly excels in the arena of finesse bass fishing.

WRM951 Wide Gap Fishing Hook Sizes

#1 (6 per package), 1/0 (5 per package), #2 (6 per package), 2/0 (5 per package), 3/0 (5 per package), and 4/0 (5 per package)

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