Fly 354BL – Barbless Dry Nymph Hook


The Hayabusa Fishing Fly 354 Barbless Dry Nymph Hook enflames an old debate – barbed fly fishing hooks versus barbless fly fishing hooks.  There are pros and cons to any fishing hooks design, and this is especially true for barbless fly fishing hooks.  Many fly fishermen prefer barbless fly fishing hooks because there is a lower fish mortality rate associated with barbless fishing hook designs, in addition to quicker catch-and-release practices.  This particular barbless fly fishing hook is designed for nymph fly topwater action – some of the most exciting fly fishing available to fishermen.  Designed with a standard shank and standard wire, this dry fly fishing hook is sharpened for successful fly fishing that does less overall damage to fish.

Fly 354 Barbless Dry Nymph Hook Fishing Hook Sizes/Materials

Bronze: #20 (25 per package), #18 (25 per package), #16 (25 per package), #14 (25 per package), and #12 (25 per package)

Black Nickel: #20 (25 per package), #18 (25 per package), #16 (25 per package), #14 (25 per package), and #12 (25 per package)

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