Fly 384 Shrimp Fly


Hayabusa Fishing innovates each fishing hook series maximize a fishermen’s gains.  Each fishing hook – whether saltwater, freshwater, bass, trout, or any specialized type – is scrutinized for the smallest details in craftsmanship.  Hayabusa Fishing is referred to as The Pride of Japan for this very reason, especially as it pertains to a focused effort to produce the world’s best fly fishing hooks.

The Fly 384 Shrimp Fly exemplifies this high quality standard with its continued bend, turned down eye, micro barb, standard shank, standard wire, and forged metal material.  This amazing fly fishing hook can be used on freshwater fisheries or saltwater areas – for trout, sea trout, bonehead, or other shrimp-eating species.  The Fly 384 Shrimp Fly is ready for fly fishermen to create the ultimate in shrimp fly patterns, all of which are designed to catch more and better fish. Expect only the sharpest and most durable shrimp fly pattern fishing hooks.

Fly 384 Shrimp Fly Fishing Hook Sizes/Materials

Bronze: #16 (25 per package), #14 (25 per package), #12 (25 per package), and #10 (25 per package)

Black Nickel: #16 (25 per package), #14 (25 per package), #12 (25 per package), and #10 (25 per package)

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