DSR132 Finesse Hook


Hayabusa Fishing created the black matte DSR132 Finesse Hook for traditional drop shot bass fishing and other light fishing rig techniques.  Whether fishing for largemouth bass, spotted bass, or smallmouth bass, drop shot bass fishing and other light finesse fishing rigs catch all sized bass in a variety of fisheries.  Some bass fishermen prefer traditional drop shot fishing (vertical presentation as opposed to a vertical-to-horizontal hopping, dragging presentation), and the DSR 132 Finesse Hook specializes in accomplishing a convincing vertical bait presentation that bass cannot resist.

Its fine wire diameter and Hayabusa Original Point make the DSR132 Finesse Hook the ideal drop shot fishing hook for deeper water bass fishing.  Its short U-Bend shank allows for quick upward motion hooksets that increase the amount of bass caught and decrease the number of bass lost.

DSR132 Finesse Fishing Hook Sizes

#8 (9 per package), #6 (9 per package), #4 (9 per package), #3 (9 per package), and #2 (9 per package)

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